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Technology in Action Tour

See technology in action at some of the most premier businesses in the industry. Learn how the same tech can be applied in different ways for results that match individual business goals and needs.

Hort Americas Greenhouse

The Hort Americas Greenhouse is engaged in active research and demonstration of what it takes to economically grow leafy greens and herbs. You’ll see five different production systems. See for yourself:

  • Capillary mat systems
  • Deep water culture floating raft systems
  • Nutrient film technique (NFT) systems
  • Hydroponic tower systems
  • Grow racks

At Hort Americas, you can also learn the story behind how they retrofitted a traditional floriculture crop facility to become a leafy green production outfit. See the modifications, equipment, labor, and financial inputs required to pull this off.

Seville Farms

Seville Farms
is consistently listed as a Top 100 Grower. This large-scale production facility specializes in annuals, perennials, and ground covers and supplies both box-stores and independent retailers. Seville Farms prides itself on implementation of LEAN flow practices. Here you’ll get an in-depth look at:

  • Implementation of lean-flow principles that can help any company work with greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Innovative irrigation solutions
  • Real-life lighting applications that make sense
  • Control systems and how to use them to their maximum advantage

Southwest Nursery

Southwest Nursery has evolved over its 77-year history. They first began as a retail facility and transitioned into being wholesale-only as their expertise and renown in growing grew. Self-sufficiency and innovation have been mainstays in this business that employs about 100 people and services within a 300-mile radius. You’ll get excited learning about:

  • Their mobile app, which is used to connect with customers on availability, orders, shipments, and pick-ups
  • Their color-rotation program, which allows for year-round production
  • The use of technology to limit plant handling and improve overall plant health
  • Irrigation innovations that allow Seville to control their water supply
  • Shipping techniques that involve a cutting-edge racking system for quicker turnarounds and on-time deliveries

To register for the Technology in Action Tour, click here. The tour costs $165 and includes lunch.

Now That I Have a Drone, What Do I Do With It? - A Workshop
In this workshop, attendees will learn about types of aircraft, sensors, a workflow for processing images, and how we can use UAS in horticulture production.

 Wednesday, October 11 | 1 - 4 p.m.

 This workshop requires separate registration and costs $65. To register, click here.

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