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The next generation of horticultural professionals is alive and well and growing. AmericanHort supports you and other emerging professionals with

  • student memberships
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  • online resources
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Professionals in the industry with less than 15 years of experience. You're growing, exploring, spreading your wings, flexing your strength, and building your network. We're here to help you be successful and want you to be around for 15, 30, even 50 more years. Horticulture may not be the classic route to fame and glory, but we promise that it brings joy, success, fulfillment, and more. Just ask these guys.

The entire group of horticulture emerging professionals in the AmericanHort network. This includes students and professionals alike.

The Community is represented in AmericanHort decision-making by ten "Community Connectors" who express the perspectives of every industry segment and what it's like on the up-and-coming side of life. They're the brains behind creative ideas like Unplugged at Cultivate, HortScholars, and how to continue engaging generations in horticultural pursuits.

Interested in joining the Connector Group? Or have an idea? Reach out to Lauren Snyder, the GenNext Staff Liaison at LaurenS@AmericanHort.org.

If you’re a student, it’s a cheap investment for rich rewards. Just $25 gets you access to all of these resources and is the first step in getting you connected. Learn more and join now.

If you’re out in the working world, check with your boss to see if your company is a member, or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help. When your company is a member of AmericanHort, you automatically become a member, as well. You can see the benefits your company receives when they become a member here.

A group of selected students from across the country chosen for their accomplishments, hard work, talents, ambition, and potential. The HortScholars program allows them to attend Cultivate (with hotel, food, and registration included) and connects them to the who’s-who of the industry. It’s an incredible way to expand your network, see what your options are, and ignite your passion for plants.

To learn more and apply, visit AmericanHort.org/Scholars.

Sure did. The Horticultural Research Institute, research arm of AmericanHort, offers numerous scholarships. Applications are due in May of every year. Click here to see if you’re eligible and apply.

They’re out there! Be sure to visit the AmericanHort Career Center for the latest postings.

P.S. Quick tip — a large percentage of available positions are never posted. That’s where your network comes in. As an emerging professional, it’s also where AmericanHort helps the most. We can connect you to 10,000+ other industry professionals. One of them might be holding the keys to your dream job.

  • Because plants are awesome.
  • Because working outside in the sunshine is amazing and better for your health.
  • Because satisfaction comes from a great day working hard and seeing the fruits of your labor.
  • Because horticulture is where science meets art and creativity is unlimited.
  • Because you can make a living doing this.
  • Because you’ll never stop learning, never stop being challenged, never stop having opportunities, and never stop growing.
  • Because plants bring value to our lives, and someone’s got to bring the plants.

When it comes to inspiring the next generation of horticulture professionals, we're not going it alone. AmericanHort works in tandem with several other organizations in a concerted effort to inspire generations of horticulturists to come.

  • GPN Magazine's 40 Under 40: An annual achievement awarded to 40 of the most notable industry professionals under 40 years of age. This list is going over a decade strong, which means 400 active, engaged, and passionate professionals working to promote horticulture.
  • Seed Your Future: A movement to excite students about careers in horticulture. It does so by sharing the stories of real people with the same core beliefs: "Horticulture is universal, invaluable, and above all, horticulture is life."
  • The Landlovers: Yet another movement to share why so many people are excited and passionate about their horticultural career path with the intention of engaging a new generation of professionals. Seeking to dispell myths and promote benefits, the Land Lovers is a great resource to get connected with professionals who love what they do.
  • Dümmen Orange/GrowerTalks Young Grower and Green Profit Young Retailer Awards: Recognizing the top young growers and retailers in the industry and helping connect them to the larger industry network.
  • Emergent: A Group of Growing Professionals: The growing social media network of young horticulture professionals (and the young at heart) seeking to connect and support one another. A great resource for anyone looking to network, explore, discuss, and share both struggles and triumphs of being in this industry.


At Cultivate

The largest all-industry trade show in North America. Let's just put it this way: everyone's there. If you're looking to get connected, keep learning, find resources -- we got em.

At CareerUP

A workshop + inspiration series by young professionals for young professionals — join your industry peers for a day of information, skill development, and inspiration. Learn more .

At Unplugged

The place for stress-free networking at Cultivate. This popular event hosted Monday night at every Cultivate show is where you can mix and mingle and have some fun with all of the young professionals at the event.

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