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In the Ring with Boxwood Blight: A Research & Regulatory One-Two Punch

Thursday, March 30, 2 p.m. EDT 
Dr. Chuan Hong, Virginia Tech | Dana P. Rhodes, PA Department of Agriculture | Dr. Jill Calabro, AmericanHort

What’s the latest news on boxwood blight? Boxwood blight is one of the latest scourges to impact the green industry, from nursery production to landscape maintenance & installation and even retail garden centers. While not yet confirmed in all contiguous states, boxwood blight has been positively identified in 23 states; the latest being Illinois.

Join AmericanHort and HRI for a webinar where you can learn how to protect your business. This session will highlight the latest research and regulatory efforts, including how you can safeguard against accidental introductions.

This is a premium member benefit only. If you would like to sign up to attend the webinar, please contact Jordann Dillard at JordannD@AmericanHort.org or 614-884-1205.



LEDs in Horticulture: The Current Reality
Thursday, March 9, 2-3 p.m. EST 
Eric Moody, P.L. Light Systems

Gain perspective of the current reality of LED vs. traditional lighting technologies in indoor horticultural applications.  

Presented by Eric Moody from P.L. Light Systems. P.L. Light Systems (a division of Hortilux Schréder ) is a leading manufacturer of horticultural lighting systems across a variety of technologies including LED, high pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) and hybrid systems. For each lighting solution, they provide a comprehensive light plan to ensure optimized crop growth. Their products are available throughout North America.

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